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  • Jan. 21, 2011Episode1 The worst team NOW ON SALE!

~Price Revision~

The theme of GOLDEN KIDS is "to never give up whatever you confront".
We wish the anime would give people hope, even if it's small.
As an anime production team, we believe our mission is to provide entertainment to more people,
which plays a role as food for their spirits.
Now, we would like to announce the price revision, which was implemented in order to continuously
provide high quality anime. The upgrade of the app has been in process following the price revision.
The new app will be updated in the middle of April.

Our deepest sympathy goes to those whose life is affected
by the recently occurred great earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

We sincerely appreciate your support to GOLDEN☆KIDS.

  • 【The first episode】
  • Free of charge
  • 【The second episode and the later ones】
  • JP:¥85、 US:$0.99、 CA:$0.99、 AU:$1.19、 EU:€0.79、 UK:£0.59

We apologize for any troubles to those who have already purchased the video.



Yoichi Takahashi has gained fans all over the world with just his talent and a pen. His work not only greatly influenced the manga and anime industry, but has also left a mark on the soccer world. His brand new soccer anime will once again leave viewers with positive hopes and dreams.

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